October 13, 2009

on which i am terribly dependent

Moments after I loaded myself in to my friend's car, I realized that I left my Ipod in my room. I thought, “Oh well, I guess I could live without it for a day.” Clearly, it was too early for my brain to make good judgments. Hour three has come and I feel as limp and empty as a shucked banana peel. Slowly decaying, life diffusing out of me. Dramatic exaggerations you might say, but have you heard the cacophony of a college town? It’s abysmal--a dystopia filled with Jeff’s explanation of his economic graphs, Susan’s lamentation over her lost phone, the bus driver’s “humorous” side, printer whirs, raincoat shuffles, incessant clicking. Oh to feel the warm electricity of my Sony headphones nuzzling my ears!

Regina’s jumpy, staccato riffs, I miss you! Nina Simone’s weary warble, I miss you! And Sufjan’s melancholy falsetto, I miss you most of all.


Christina said...

God I hate Jeff and Susan so much. Assholes.

Do you also do that thing where you bring a book and then go, just kidding I don't read! And listen to music for an hour on the bus? Good times.

Anna said...

Always. I feel like I'm missing out on the haps if I read on the bus. Listening to music let's me survey my surroundings, while maintaining a good distance. You know, the kind that says, "I'm not down for your neighborly bus-chatter."