February 18, 2008

I Maid a New Blog (Don't worry, it's a pun.)

So I got rid of my old blog and created this new one. I can't really find a good reason as to why, especially since this one is almost identical to the former. I suppose I just like power of destroying and creating.

The other day I decided to check out Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket. All was well and good until they introduced Luke Wilson's love interest, Inez, the hotel maid from Paraguay. All I could think about was Racialicious' criticism on Wes Anderson's use of non-white characters as tools to aid the growth of the emotionally stunted/vulnerable white male lead. This is pretty apparent within the first few minutes of their interaction. She can barely speak a word of English, yet he follows her around, babbling whatever thought enters his head. She's just an attractive pair or ears for him to talk at. The fact that her English is very limited gives him the freedom to say whatever he wants--she can't understand, therefore she won't judge or object. She's barely a character at all. It was sad and frustrating to watch, so I didn't finish the film.

Speaking of Latina maids, Maid in Manhattan, in which Jennifer Lopez plays a maid vying for the affections of an affluent white male, grossed $93,815,117, while Enough, in which she plays an empowered woman who kicks her abusive husband's ass grossed only $39,177,215; and The Wedding Planner, in which she's a successful professional, grossed only $60,400,856. You can make the case that she just happened to be more popular when Maid came out, but still, it's an interesting bit to chew on.

I've also updated my photoblog.


Christina said...


Those Jennifer Lopez figures are so sad. You're going to give the Freakonomics guys a run for their money. Them and Susan Faludi.

Anna said...

They are pretty sad. I was surprised that her movie with Matthew McConaughey did significantly less since he has more commercial appeal than Ralph Fiennes (omgvoldemort).