February 20, 2008

Fun with Shapes

When I walk around town or on campus, I notice that most of the cliques I pass by consist of members who look like each other. They have the same hair style, wear the same trends, and funnily enough, they all seem to be about the same height, creating a nice, even skyline. If you had to guess one thing they had in common, you would quickly say that it's their love of overpriced Abercrombie sweaters.

I'm happy to say that the people I hang around with are all different shapes and sizes.

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Christina said...

Yes yes yes. This makes me crazy. It also explains why I felt like a lumbering hulk throughout much of high school, given how pocket-sized so many of the affluent, mostly-white girls in AP classes were*.

I'm not all that tall and wide, but I'm still getting over feeling ungainly. Walking around in cities among adults of various colors and sizes helps a lot. I don't look like the stereotypical twenty-year-old college student, but I do look like a human being! Huzzah!

*Rich Private University has a similar issue. Kill me now.

Anyway. I got a little side-tracked there. You are incredibly adorable (as usual), and your coterie actually almost approaches your level of charm. Which is saying something.